Why We Started pay agency? Why we make regular payments easier: A blog on the background of the company.

The Payments Ecosystem

The payments ecosystem is made up of a combination of players that interact with each other during the payment transaction process—such as issuers and acquirers, credit card networks, payment processors, payment gateways, independent sales organizations, value- added resellers, and payment facilitators. All of these entities play specific roles in the payment processing cycle. The following illustration shows some examples of these players.

The Payment Processing Cycle

The payment processing cycle is complex and has a lot of moving parts. When a customer swipes their credit or debit card at a payment portal, the transaction typically takes only a few seconds—but the process itself entails multiple steps and involves several entities that interact with each other. For example, there are companies that work with the other players to process and facilitate transactions, payment processors that provide services to merchants and may facilitate moving money between banks, banks that service merchant accounts and perform the settlement process, and banks that issue credit cards to consumers.

Payment Processors

Payment, or credit card, processors are companies that work in the background to provide payment processing services to merchants. Their responsibilities include establishing merchant accounts; accepting and processing credit, debit, and prepaid card payments; managing credit and debit card processing; and implementing certain anti-fraud measures.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a software application that enables merchants to accept payments and transmits payment data for processing. The payment gateway securely encrypts payment information and transfers that data between the merchant’s store or website, the bank that processes the payment, and the bank that issued the card used to make the purchase.

One of the most important aspects of a payment gateway is that it has robust security standards in place to keep cardholder data safe during the transmission process. When a customer uses their payment card, the payment gateway securely sends the customer’s card information to the payment processor.

Merchant Services Providers

Merchant services providers enable merchants to process payments by setting up and overseeing merchant processing accounts, and managing the front-end of customer transactions—such as all the software needed to facilitate payments. There are various types of merchant services providers, with Independent Sales Organizations and Payment Facilitators among the most common.

Pay Agency plays a vital role in finding the right PSP’s ensuring that the merchants who look up to us to get a payment solution are connected to the PSP that have solutions which will help the merchants for their long term business.

PSP’s are hand picked by Pay Agency, making sure we have every solution for any merchant that would contact Pay Agency. We also provide wide variety of options for the merchants and guide them on how to choose the right Payment Gateway that will help them accept payments from their customers for their long term business. Gateways are supposed to be chosen wisely hence to ensure the accepting payments from the customers, becomes an easy process and this inturn will ensure the quality of the service provided by the merchants to their customers. The better the quality the greater the quantity, likewise, Pay Agency always tries to make the best for its merchants and the PSP’s.

Who are we?What do we do?

Pay Agency is a  Market place, where we are connected with numerous Payment service providers and act as an interface between the merchants with these Payment service providers. At Pay Agency we hand pick our Payment service providers and then interlink the merchants looking out for a solution with the right Payment service provider. We are here to help any business be it High risk or low risk looking out for a solutions. Here we also guide on how the merchant will benefit.

Our Payment Processing Marketplace SAAS was created to let merchants compare payment processors. As e-commerce evolved, many merchants had trouble finding the best payment processing choices. They spent hours researching payment processors, analysing costs and contract details, and enrolling.

We noticed a need for a platform to help retailers choose the best payment processor. Our Payment Processing Marketplace SAAS provides merchants with a one-stop solution for locating and comparing payment processors, as well as tools and information to help them maximise their payment processing system.

Through intensive study and development, we created a platform for retailers and PSPs. Our platform makes it easy for merchants to compare payment processors and choose the best one for them. It also gives PSPs access to a large and growing pool of potential clients.

Our  Values 

*Integrity: Honesty and transparency in all business dealings.

*Respect: Treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of their position or background.

*Innovation: Encouraging creativity and continuous improvement.

*Collaboration: Working together as a team to achieve shared goals.

*Responsibility: Being accountable for one’s actions and taking ownership of one’s work.

*Excellence: Striving for high-quality results in all aspects of the business.

*Diversity: Celebrating and valuing diversity in all its forms.


Our Mission

*Our goal is to make it easy for merchants to find and compare payment processors, as well as give them a variety of tools and resources to help them get the most out of their payment processing system. 

*We try to make it as easy and quick as possible for merchants to process payments, while still keeping the highest levels of security and compliance. 

*We hope to empower merchants to grow and succeed in their businesses by connecting them with a diverse range of payment processors.

*Every business wants the payments to be sent and received without any hassles because they are a crucial part of running a business. But as the ecommerce industry is transforming, processing payments and accepting them has become quite complicated and confusing and it all starts with your payment processor. 

 *Also, finding the best suited payment processor for your business is quite challenging and demands a lot of time and effort. It’s a lengthy and tedious process and no matter how many times companies try to make it easier, merchants still spend weeks gathering contacts and evaluating different options.

*To tackle this situation and to save you from a lot of trouble, Pay Agency comes into play. We act as a matchmaking platform where the merchants get a huge variety of Payments Service Providers from which they can choose the best one suited for their business. 

 Pay Agency is a networking platform for merchants and payment providers to connect   directly and get the best possible payments solutions with transparency.  


Pay Agency is a marketplace that helps the merchants and payment providers to connect directly and helps the merchants get the best payment solutions possible. These are made with minimum charges which in turn saves you ample time and money

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