Pay Agency Connects Merchants With Top Payment Providers.

When it comes to payments, merchants have a lot of options. The problem is that most merchants don’t know where to start or how much it will cost them in the long run.

Pay Agency understands this dilemma and we’re here to help you find the best payment provider for your business.

Pay Agency is a platform that links different businesses with the best payment processors. The platform is made for merchants and payment providers, and it provides each of these groups with the option to discover the solution that is most suitable for their requirements. Pay Agency’s mission is to simplify the approval process for merchant accounts so that our clients can focus on expanding their businesses instead of worrying about whether they will get one.

The platform is for merchants and payment providers

Pay Agency is a platform that puts businesses in contact with the most reputable companies that process credit card payments. Merchants can apply for an account using our platform, and payment providers are matched with the most favourable terms for their business.

Connet with multiple payment providers

Pay Agency enables merchants to connect to multiple payment providers in a row, and maximise the chance of being approved for a merchant account. This allows merchants who may be denied by one payment provider to appeal and get approved by another.

When you apply through Pay Agency, we will automatically send your application across all of our partners so that you have the best chance possible at getting approved for your first credit card processor or gateway.

Merchants need a Payment Provider to connect their e-commerce site to consumers

To pay for a product or service online, merchants need a Payment Provider, which connects the merchant’s e-commerce site to the credit card companies. And there are many companies that provide this service.

A payment provider is essentially your merchant bank account. This is where you deposit money from sales so that you can pay your suppliers and employees.

The wrong selection of your payment provider can result in hidden fees, upsells and poor customer support; not to mention an inability to see all of your costs in one easy place because they’re buried somewhere inside their system. You can eliminate the hassle by choosing Pay agency today.

Choosing the correct payment provider is important because it’s effectively your merchant bank account.

Payment providers are like banks, but they’re not banks. They’re more like brokers and credit card processors, with a few additional attributes that make them unique.

Payment providers also act as payment gateways (the middleman between the merchant and their bank) and payment facilitators (the middleman between the merchant and their customers).

The problem is that merchants too often get trapped in long-term contracts with poor performing payment providers that don’t meet their ongoing needs. Or they quickly get tired of shopping around to find the best deals only to discover that once they’ve signed up, hidden fees start piling up, as well as upsells.

Pay Agency Connects Merchants With Top Payment Providers, so Merchants Can Get The Best Products And Services At Transparent Pricing.

With Pay Agency as your trusted advisor, you’ll get access to more than 15 top payment providers who are competing for your business.

Pay Agency is a service that connects merchants with payment providers. Pay Agency is a trusted advisor, and as such, has access to a number of payment providers across the world

With Pay Agency as your trusted advisor, you are able to make a choice after reviewing multiple options.Pay Agency manages it all from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about anything except growing your business.

And best of all: Pay agency’s fee structure is transparent.

Our Goal

At Pay Agency, our goal is to streamline putting together connections between retailers and payment processing companies (PSPs). We think that by giving payment service providers (PSPs) and merchants a platform that is easy to use and streamlines finding and onboarding new partners, we will help them save time and money, which they can then used to grow their businesses.

The core of our goal is our highly sophisticated matching algorithms. These algorithms are intended to assist payment service providers (PSPs) and merchants in identifying the most suitable partners for their requirements, considering a wide variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the nature of the businesses’ operations, the sectors in which they operate, and their locations. We are confident that we can assist our customers in developing robust and fruitful collaborations if we provide precise and individualised matching services.

Besides our matching algorithms, we place a high emphasis on providing support for our customers. We’re sure that if we give our customers great support, we’ll be able to help them get past any problems that might impede them reaching their professional goals.


 We are working hard every day to help merchants find the best payment provider so they can start accepting payments online. We made these with minimum charges which saves you ample time and money.

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