Payment Service Providers

Our platform offers a range of benefits for PSP'S

As a PSP, our platform is tailored to ensure your success. We are committed to delivering a seamless, user-friendly experience and stand by to support you at every juncture.


Clear and accurate information about fees, charges, and other terms of service to its users, as well as being open and honest about any issues or problems that may arise during the course of a transaction.


Payment Processors can also get a recognition as our network of PSPs includes the big players in the payment industry

Increased efficiency

A matching as a service platform can streamline the process of finding and onboarding new partners, saving PSPs time and resources.

Enhanced security

A matching as a service platform offers enhanced security measures to protect PSPs from fraud and other security threats.

Improved customer experience

By utilizing a user-friendly matching as a service platform, PSPs can enhance the customer experience for their partners.

Greater reach

With a matching as a service platform, PSPs can expand their reach and potentially onboard new partners they might not have connected with otherwise.

Cost savings

By using a matching as a service platform, PSPs can potentially save on the costs associated with traditional methods of finding and onboarding new partners.

Data insights

A matching as a service platform can provide PSPs with valuable data insights about partner preferences and behaviors, which can inform their business strategy and decision-making.

We promise to provide a user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform, and top-notch customer support to help our clients succeed.

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We Have Exciting News!

Pay Agency has been acquired by Xorapay Ltd, a distinguished licensed MSB in Canada! This marks a significant milestone in our journey, offering even more robust and innovative financial solutions. We're proud to embark on this new chapter with Xorapay Ltd and grateful for your continued support.