Tips to Save on Your Next Payment Solution

There are a few things you should think about in case you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on your subsequent method of payment. It is essential to choose the service provider that can give you the features and benefits your specific company requires at a cost that is affordable given the constraints of your financial plan. They provide the following advice to assist you in making the most appropriate decision:

Start with the right payment partner.

1.Find a good payment partner.

2.Do industry and partner research.

3.Know your field and partners.

How to save money on payments.

To economise on your next payment solution, research the market, choose a vendor who meets your demands, then negotiate. Here are some guidelines for choosing a payment solution:

Pick a payment method that fits your business. If you have less than $10 million in yearly revenue and less than 1,000 employees, search for simple, low-cost options. Resell sense‌ or Salesforce services. If you’re operating large-scale ecommerce operations with thousands of consumers throughout the world who demand 24/7 mobile and desktop access, consider using PayPal (which includes sophisticated fraud protection) or Stripe (which has excellent security).

Choose a gateway over one without.It’s common practice to use a third-party provider to get access to certain types of functionality not included by default on most ecommerce platforms. This includes payment processing capabilities and fraud prevention services, among others, which could be important depending on what type of business model it is necessary for any organisation before paying someone else.

Consider the reviews of previous clients using the gateway and ensure they provide round the clock customer support.


With Pay Agency you can now access to thousands of providers from all around the globe that are verified and reviewed. We help you in choosing the right partner for your business needs.

Improve client service.

Increase Your Clients’ Happiness Today. Nowadays, consumers are pressed for time and demand immediate gratification from their purchases. To thrive in the modern era of e-commerce, you must provide your clients with a seamless purchasing experience. They won’t buy from you if the checkout process is too complicated or takes too long to load on the payment page. Have a demo before signing up for the service as this helps you understand the checkout experience and you can easily make your decision.

 Know your vendor’s payment options

You should know your vendor’s payment options. Credit, debit, prepaid, ACH, and e-checks are many payments. Each has different fees. Bundling these technologies can reduce processing expenses.

Depending on your business, there are multiple payment options. If you have an online store, accepting credit cards is probably unavoidable. You can also work with providers that offer you more than just card processing. This can include alternate payment methods, crypto processing, ACH, etc. Having more payment options will give your customers a choice and will increase the revenue substantially.

 Check compliance requirements

Do your research before working with any provider with regards to their licensing status as working with a regulated provider can very well increase your chances of having lesser pricing. Also make sure you have all the requirements met for your business before applying for a payment gateway as offers are curated based on the credibility of the applicant.


Negotiate for lower interchange rates.

Negotiate cheaper exchange rates. Card networks charge interchange to execute a transaction. Interchange charges vary by card and merchant type. The interchange rate varies by payment type, country, and currency. Prepaid cards have higher interchange rates since merchants don’t withhold funds until final payments, which take longer than traditional payments.

Pick a payment method that fits your needs.

Choosing a payment system that can scale to suit your company’s needs now and in the future will help you adjust when things change. A payment system that grows with your organisation will save time and money.

It’s crucial to find a payment system that meets your needs. You don’t want to invest in a system just to learn it won’t work for your organisation or risk putting in more effort than necessary due to brand loyalty or familiarity with an obsolete product.

Find the best payment processor to save money on your next solution.

You may not need a payment processor. While they are a credit card processor or payment gateway, they’re so much more. Your payment processor can save you money on interchange rates and fees throughout your transaction. Fraud prevention, recurring billing, and mobile payments are all offered to ensure the risk of online processing is contained.

Choose 24/7 support.

Make sure the payment company offers 24/7 help. This ensures that you will receive prompt help with their products and services. Instead of waiting for a callback from your provider, fully staffed teams will help you in real time.


There are several payment alternatives for businesses. So many providers offer different solutions, it’s hard to discover one that satisfies all your needs. If you follow the recommendations above and do your research, you’ll find a solution that works for you and saves money.

Singing up with Pay agency will give you access to different payment processors that are sorted based on different parameters which makes it easy to choose from. Contact our team today to get started.

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