The process flow

Here is a potential outline of the process flow for a matching as a service platform for merchants and payment service providers:

Sign Up

PSPs and merchants will need to sign up for the platform and create profiles to get started. This will involve providing basic information about the business, as well as any relevant documentation.


In order to tailor the user experience and ensure legal compliance, merchants would need to fill out the application for identity verification, which would require the name of the user or company as well as documents related to the business.


Once a PSP or merchant has signed up, the platform will use its algorithms to match them with potential partners based on their needs and preferences.Artificial intelligence (AI) will analyze data such as a merchant’s transaction history, the types of products or services offered, the target market, and the business goals to recommend PSPs that are most likely to meet the merchant’s needs.


If a PSP and merchant decide to work together, the platform will facilitate the onboarding process, including verifying any necessary documentation and setting up any required technical integrations.


Once a PSP and merchant are onboarded, the platform will facilitate the processing of transactions between them. This may involve handling the transfer of funds and the provision of any relevant payment processing services.

We promise to provide a user-friendly, reliable, and secure platform, and top-notch customer support to help our clients succeed.

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