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Payment Processing

Pay Agency Connects Merchants With Top Payment Providers.

When it comes to payments, merchants have a lot of options. The problem is that most merchants don’t know where …

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Find the right payment provider for your e-Commerce business with Pay Agency

Introduction Running an e-Commerce business is no easy feat, and one of the major components to consider is payment acceptance. …

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Did You Know Pay Agency Can Help Your Business ?

Introduction With a goal of making it easier than ever to find a reliable payment processor, Pay Agency was founded …

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Why We Started pay agency? Why we make regular payments easier: A blog on the background of the company.

The Payments Ecosystem The payments ecosystem is made up of a combination of players that interact with each other during …

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Avoiding Payment Processor Problems While Optimising Your Fees

Introduction Small business owners need more than a credit card terminal or POS system to succeed. The second half is …

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The State of Payments: A Cohesive View: a blog in a non-technical fashion around the current state of payments.

Introduction A payment is the voluntary tender of money or its equivalent or of things of value by one party …